Ode To A Mother.

Queen in our eyes! 
Goddess in our hearts 
Alleviated fears ;Shaped behaviors 
Built careers ; Educated a nation 
Sang hymnals :Through the moments slowly.

She learned to live and love 
Unperturbed by failure unruffled by haste 
To rise in the midnight glory 
‭Unbounded by time ,Undimmed by hope.

She sang dirges in ceremonies 
boxed by pain raze with tears
Called on a God in heaven ! 
Pushed by problems unleashed by dreams

To wipe our tears and fails 
Charred by life’s harsh realities
Unbroken by woes strengthened in invocations 
Into our stubborn adolescent years 
The hectic times, the sick bed comforts 

I reminisce her brief scolding 
Refusing to go to school for no reason 
And all her exquisite wares I broke 
Can’t phantom the pain I caused her

But she never gave up on me 
Not he not her not us 
Even the once who upon her laps they laid not 
A neighbourhood mum circumventing the hemisphere with her selfless deeds 

Spreading euphoria here and there. 
With little that she has and her love unrelenting 
For the ones she nurtured beneath her feet
With a partner she adored since day one

She smiles and there’s hope 
Of small beginnings and of grand endings 
In her voice comfort and peace 
I will forever be grateful for a mother like you 

So thank you for words uttered 
Your actions and inactions 
Thank you for the love unconditional 
Even In your anger in your pain 

Thank you for souls well nurtured 
The spanks so brusque The food The gifts 
Thank you for the care unending 
May God bless you always 
Thank you for a life well lived 
In your footsteps we follow suit. 


photo from:https:varietyinblack.tumblr.com



4 responses to “Ode To A Mother.”

  1. Joyce James says :

    Beautiful choice of words.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kofi amed says :

    Thanks dear. All for a mother:)


  3. Kimberly Townsend Palmer says :

    Reblogged this on Kimberly Townsend Palmer and commented:
    Mothers. I love them, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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