Man In his Prime.

Incessantly and yet I still urge
For the greater good and I pledge
To clench to my craft and surge
Till our meandering pathways finally merge

Whence tales of beauty and of love foretell
Of days docked with melodious bells
And voices in tune with it’s wishing wells
Eroding the shards of my feeble shells

Endued with another soul I met in book
Who gave me dreams with open eyes
Affirmed by a lady detached from her crook
Who said “arise for the man in the skies “

Whisked from paths cold and pale
That drowned the the boat of my solo sail
Pierced it’s sailing cloaks with no avail
Upon days where no amber prevail

From muted corners my kind fall out asunder
Fame, greed and living out unrealistic dreams
Modesty is thrashed ,love is just a number
Honesty is of no value and it’s all good it seems

What do I even know of my sable race ?
My heroes die young their efforts suppressed
Damn what am I even taught to embrace
Mediocrity and fallacy as norms and be abreast

Now we loath and fear to rise dear foe
It’s all messed up but there’s hope you know!
Perhaps of welcoming change ,renewing minds
This,an unwavering dream of a man in his prime 

To glide over the loura on angel wings,
With sounds of a thousand rare kora strings,
And with varried kente colourings ,
Enshrined in a divine moment in time
Usurping the vivid imaginary blind ,
Apt In this pastel state, of a man in his prime .

– [ ]

Hearts like Ours: Collab with Dominic Amezimi

Tonal shaded selfies behind open mural walls
We were butt performers in art galleried halls
Between submissive embrace and crazy calls.

We danced our way into realms of falling roses.
On sullen floors of marble and polished wood
Drenched In ambivert scents of wild orchids

Hands eloped in laughter under a yellow moon
Where smiles were unending and unrestrained
Cocooned in the warmth of your soft embrace

Amid gazes that stir our souls like boiling soup
So hot, it burns and by us tastes all beautiful
And has chained us from our souls to our visibles

Two were burnt. One product; love most enviable
One spark of fire had burnt up two people
And burnt them up like Moses’ burning bush.

No sword could hurt us when we’re nested in embrace
Nor could the swordsman sever us that have been chained
Between our arms we hold each other’s safest place.

The years wears on under star canvassed skies
And slowly I fade into you and you into me
For our love is like fine wine It only gets better and better with time !

Ode To A Mother.

Queen in our eyes! 
Goddess in our hearts 
Alleviated fears ;Shaped behaviors 
Built careers ; Educated a nation 
Sang hymnals :Through the moments slowly.

She learned to live and love 
Unperturbed by failure unruffled by haste 
To rise in the midnight glory 
‭Unbounded by time ,Undimmed by hope.

She sang dirges in ceremonies 
boxed by pain raze with tears
Called on a God in heaven ! 
Pushed by problems unleashed by dreams

To wipe our tears and fails 
Charred by life’s harsh realities
Unbroken by woes strengthened in invocations 
Into our stubborn adolescent years 
The hectic times, the sick bed comforts 

I reminisce her brief scolding 
Refusing to go to school for no reason 
And all her exquisite wares I broke 
Can’t phantom the pain I caused her

But she never gave up on me 
Not he not her not us 
Even the once who upon her laps they laid not 
A neighbourhood mum ; circumventing the hemisphere with her selfless deeds 

Always spreading euphoria here and there. 
With little that she has and her love unrelenting 
For the ones she nurtured beneath her feet
With a partner she adored since day one

She smiles and there’s hope 
Of small beginnings and of grand endings 
In her voice comfort and peace 
I will forever be grateful for a mother like you 

So thank you for words uttered 
Your actions and inactions 
Thank you for the love unconditional 
Even In your anger in your pain 

Thank you for souls well nurtured 
The spanks so brusque The food The gifts 
Thank you for the care unending 
May God bless you always 
Thank you for a life well lived 
In your footsteps we follow suit. 



Until We Get There. 

A promise A paradise An Enigma 
An ultimate reward A perfect masterpiece.A place promised in our early days .A perpertual aftermath of our earthily ways 

Until we get there its all rough and bumpy. But love will permeate our dense polarity of doubts when all falls down.When with fine in frenzies our failure roars and with strange fancies the caged call. 

Normalised wrongs and forgotten rights ,In a fleeting world gone wrong. But daintily,the peace of God will unfold in our lives.In our heart and soul it’s silence will lounge and from there after illusions will blur. 

A challenge A phantom An Elysium .It’s all spontaneous and weary ,euphoric and teary it’s ups with downs ,melodic and merry. Some will make a change others will be the change ,some will pave the way,others will follow suit. 

But until we get there ,There will be jaded years, forlon escapades, Awful pains, joyful tears.There will be sleepless night ,Wishful thinking ,Chasing cars ,counting stars. Youthful love, Broken hearts, final goodbyes.

A Bliss A Haven A Home. What have we’ve done ?The hatred its strifes The greed it’s spikes ,Rising death tolls the silent wars Unconscious populace, neglected pleas. 

Until we leave there ,What do you have to offer? Which deeds do you prefer alter ?What do you intend to do after ?Until then share your love with the world .Do all the good you can,for there is still so much to hope for ,and so much to be done.

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Conflicted : In wilderness Years

Time won’t let me go 

In midnight reign and daytime morn 

And helms break loose in heartsease 

As I tossed and turned in my bed

on marble floors behind muralled walls 

And colours merge into sepias 

In perpetual aftermath higher below 

Prompted by scenes of epic struggles 

And a sudden burst of laughter in oblivion 

In fleeting moments undefined 

“Twinkling memoirs ,sharpening remarks “

And spewing anger seething defeat 

Equipoise in between bants and rants 

The letting gos and holding ons 

And i sought and fought and Long to bond 

Even to the point of fear 

With fidgeting apathetic hands 

And the persistence to subsist 

To defy odds ,elude the system 

And find a soul in prime time ease 

And whose longings a heart will finally appease 


It’s a long wait with a fat fate 

A never ending shift into serenade phase 

And a race from the other side of truth 

From there, is but heavens start

And even if I get tired and weary of it all 

Again and again what else can I do ?


cant help myself but write.

There’s beauty in the struggle 

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The Rain Used To Bring Me Happiness

The rain used to bring me happiness.
The excitement was quite overwhelming.
The heavy downpour drowns out the annoying noise of the incompetence of the Ministry of Power.
The cool air that comes with it chases away the heat that makes me nauseous.
The icy water droplets cool my flaming spirit.

The rain used to bring me happiness
Somehow, the tables are turned this night.
The raging thunderstorms remind me of the loud crashes of rejection
The lightening flashes my disappointments right in my face.
The chatter of the rain hitting on aluminum roofs are the words that taunt me.

The rain used to bring me happiness
But all that is gone now.
It leaves behind this stinky mud my foot is stuck in.
It has scattered my roof and flooded my room
It leaves a flood that has refused to take my sorrows away.


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Our history did not begin in chains.  

“Our history did not begin in chains and will not end in chains “, a quote that always rekindles my hope and love for my continent; for my people, portrayed in the mainstream media as having little or no documented history.. My Africa, my continent portrayed as so dark a continent marred by slavery and savagery, with little or no mention of the fact that within her are some of the greatest monuments in history. 
Until the end of the 19th century,Africa had advanced cities compared to most cities in Europe in terms of political organization, science, technology and culture.These cities and towns if not equal,were far more developed as compared to European cities in that period.

Accounts from early European sailors who first landed on the coast of Africa show written evidence of the greatness and sheer beauty of kingdoms and empires from Africa’s glorious past.     
The kingdom of Benin in present day Nigeria it’s capital Edo ,now Benin city had well organised political and military system headed by the king whose title was the Oba of Benin . 

Drawing of Benin City made by an English officer, 1897.

A 17th century Dutch engraving from Olfert Dapper’s Nauwkeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaansche Gewesten (Description of Africa), 1668 states “The king’s palace or court is a square, and is as large as the town of Haarlem and entirely surrounded by a special wall, like that which encircles the town. It is divided into many magnificent palaces, houses, and apartments of the courtiers, and comprises beautiful and long square galleries, about as large as the Exchange at Amsterdam, but one larger than another, resting on wooden pillars, from top to bottom covered with cast copper, on which are engraved the pictures of their war exploits and battles” 

Brass plaque showing the Oba of Benin with attendants, 16th century, 51 x 37 cm, Edo peoples, Benin, Nigeria © Trustees of the British Museum


Sadly, like most African cities of that era, Benin was destroyed during the British expedition of 1896-1897 when British troops captured, looted ,ransacked and burned the city down finally bringing the Empire to an end.

Below ,the city of Loanga of the Loanga kingdom in present day DR Congo was also certain to have come to an end when European colonial powers divided most of Central Africa and Africa between them following the Berlin conference .
        City of loango ca. 17th century

At the height of its glory, it stretched from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Kwango River in the east, and from the Congo River in the north to the Kwanza River in the south.

Banza congo , capital of the kingdom of congo.

M’banza-Kongo was once the home of the king manikongo .At its peak ,the city stretched from Southern Africa’s Atlantic coast to the Nkisi river
“When the Portuguese arrived in Kongo, Mbanza Kongo was already a large town, perhaps the largest in sub-equatorial Africa, and an early visitor of 1491 compared it in size to the Portuguese town of Évora. ” -Wikipedia 

It was same for most of the African kingdoms of that era. In Ashanti “we entered Kumasi at two “o’clock upwards of 5,000 people, the greater part warriors met us with awful burst of martial music….The smoke which encircled us from the incessant discharges of musquetry confined our glimpses to the foreground. The dress of the captains was a war cap ,with gilded rams’ horns projecting in front , the sides extended beyond all proportion by immense plumes of eagles feathers….their vest was of red cloth ,covered with fetishes [i.e. ,symbols] and saphies in gold and silver. They wore loose cotton trousers, with immense boots of dull red leather, coming half way up high.
An Ashanti yam ceremony in Ashanti kingdom. 19th century by Thomas Bowditch

 The king his tributes, and captains, were resplendent in the distance, surrounded by attendants of every description…At least 100 large umbrellas, or canopies which could shelter 30 persons, were sprung up and down by bearers with brilliant effect, being made of scarlet, yellow, and the most shewy [sic] cloths and silks, crowned on top with crescent pelicans, barrels, and arms and swords of gold. (Thomas Bowditch, an English traveler who visited what is now Ghana in 1817)Extract from the new African magazine October 2006 collector’s edition.

 There is some evidence to suggest that essential information regarding Africa’s rich past was suppressed during the era of colonization. For instance, information regarding the Great Zimbabwe ruins was suppressed by the colonial government, aiming I suppose, to keep the world in the dark about the rich culture and advanced techonology present in ancient Africa going as far to censor Archaeologists who confirmed that these monument were indeed built by “Black Folk”, by “Negroes” .

One of the entrance at the ruins .

‘’I was told that the museum service was in a difficult situation that the government was pressurizing them to withhold the correct information. Once a member of the museum board of trustees threatened me with losing my job if I said publicly that blacks had built Zimbabwe. He said it was okay to say the yellow people had built it ,but I wasn’t allowed to mention radio carbon dates…it was the first time since Germany in the thirties that archaeology has been so directly censored.’’This is a direct quote from paul Sinclair .
The great Zimbabwe ruins Is one of the oldest and largest structures located in southern Africa.

  A view of the Great Zimbabwe ruins

 It was a city in the hills of the present day Zimbabwe near Lake Mutiriki and town of Masvingo. Archaeologist Theodore Bent: said as a specimen of the dry art, it is without parallel.

Jao de Barros recorded that”symbaoe…is guarded by a ‘nobleman’, who has charge of some of Benomotapa’s wives therein ….when ,and by whom, those edifices were raised…there is no record, but they say they are the work of devil , for ……it does not seem possible to them that they should be the work of man.

Its construction began in the 11th century by the shone people until the late 15th century. It served as the capital of the kingdom of Zimbabwe during the country’s late Iron Age but the city was eventually abandoned and fell into ruin.

Africa is diverse continent with different cultures and an enviable history from the pyramids of Giza to Great ruins of Zimbabwe and Great West African kingdoms. The accounts of these sailors, merchants and travelers of what they saw and experienced in Africa when they first set foot on the continent is proof that yes indeed Africa has a Glorious heritage and an enviable history.
A history if well learned and cherished can shape our future: A history that did not begin in chains and will not end in chains.
‘’If you know your history, then you would know where you are coming from’’ –Robert Nesta Marley

Extracts from: October 2006 New Africa Magazine special collectors issue and Wikipedia.
Photos from:,, Wikimedia , and

ᗩnchored On ᗩ ᗯindy Beach: Unchained Prolix. 


Anchored on a sun filtered shore 

Upon rocks which lay the days of yore 

In swirling pristine aquas of alluring calm 

Let it serenade heal my bruised palm

To chronicle tales of my hearts longings 

And memoirs of my gradual bondings 

To enthral my thoughts in the expanse of time 

Parading on the lowly impasse of my prime

To write poetry ,prose or mystery fiction

Titled love on a mission to submission 

For winds of change will unravel the future

And the dust of defeat will cover the past


Invulnerable In dens of sublime realms

where embers of hope forever gleams 

Sparked moments that never fade nor flicker 

Down the coconut groves lining the ocean Vast

Departing the depths of calamity chosen 

To savour the dews of my late night hours   

And devour not the memorable endeavours 

For beauty was with me in those moments

One Inevitably engulfed in avid desires

An adherent of the much awaited messiah 

With amalgam of glee and humility 

And simple life of truth and sincerity


Traversing the blissful cavalcade holds 

I contemplate in dissonant folds 

Harrowing scenes from the sunset vives 

I linger in my skimming crimson skies

Seemingly, my life plied on out worn roads

Embalmed by these hands in worded codes 

In tongues of my fore fathers decent 

I will lounge in their culture with no lament

Like those who came before me 

Who fought oppressors from over the sea 

and their legends enshrined in echoing songs 

Of “murmurs of pleasures, pains, and wrongs”


Whereon mindful of the lot i ought to do 

Arrayed within scenes from over the hue 

Gradually with hasty steps into depths unexplored ,

And withdraws, into chambers of happiness and scenes adored

To let the crest of my turning tossing mind detach from fearful odds 

And my blessed struggling kind flee from the twilight of the earthly gods 

So my heart and soul finally infuse with the fluidity of my course

Down the avenues of my maturity 

Down the patterns of my progress 

Down the depths of my humility 

Down the tangled maze of my life I confess…

..In swirling moon beams of alluring calm 

A faith in doubt amid a battering qualm 

Under clouds which housed the days of yore 

On this shell and plastic littered shore.

Inspired by my visit to windy beach , winneba, central Ghana 

Written 9/11/16 

Photo credit: Kofi Amed 

Motherland of well wishers.

Fallen warrior King

A star between red and gold

Faded green cover .

Everything was grand

Some five decades before me

Where did we go wrong?

Swamped in blood

40(mins) minutes after crash

Dead on arrival .

Ambulances are few

No fuel for fire tenders

No urgency in Emergencies .

Well wishers of the motherland

Disability is not inability

Lend them a helping hand .

The moon won’t shine

Tonight I sleep in darkness

Wasted renewables .

Welcoming rainfall

No shelter for the homeless

Everywhere is messy .

Engulfed in filth

The plastic takeover

Pending floods.

Polluted waters

The menace of galamsey

Danger looming.

Booming landscape

Rise of the high rise

No where to breathe .

Narrow roads, open drains

Same old daft thinking

Flee from mediocrity .

People won’t talk

Things are getting worse

We all live to see .

Forgoing nativeness

Declining decency

Stripped identity .

Densu is not gutter

Odo is more than a filthy drain

Negate this daft mentality .

World Bank policies

Diverting sovereignty

Seems a Hard truth .

Aburi in shambles

The others are in a limbo

Do we really care ?

We love our country

We won’t let your politics cripple it

NDC NPP or whatever Ns and Ps.

Ageing republic

Motherland of well wishers

Do the right thing.

Arise Ghana youth

Patriots of the warrior king

Arise again Arise.

հҽӀӀօ Տtɾɑղցҽɾ 

Hello there !

Black or white 

A mixture of yellow or green 

Blue eyes or thick lips 

May be Short or tall ,fat or slim 

A blend of Asian or Caucasian 

African or wherever you from,

Do you bleed? Is your blood red ?

Do you breathe? 

Hello there

Do you still cry when the lights are off ?

Does your blood pressure soar in the dark ?

I guess you a grown up now, a muchacho with a buoyant forehead .

Hello there 

Forget their phoney comments 

You are a queen, believe it ,live it. 

Hey you skinny with bulging eyes 

You curvy with thick lips 

You are Pretty .

Hello there 

You look gorgeous in those native prints 

Radiant in the purple scarf 

You allure in those blue jeans 

Elegant in the wooden slippers 

and dazzling Afro beads .

Hello there  

Your breathe smell like soursop do u mind a peck on my cheeks ?

I don’t care about the lipstick stain. 

Hello there 

I love the gap in between your teeth 

It’s really beautiful 

What do u call it in your language ?

Hello there 

Is your hair natural ?

Your locks are amazing , long and pristine

Hey there, I love your fro! 

Too bad i have gone bald at age 25

But hey my head shines bright like a diamond doesn’t it?

Hello there 

I saw you in a sea of faces 

Your wore veil with a coloured kente 

Walking in the sunshine as the daisies flamboyantly fall beneath your feet. 

Hello there

can I poke my hands in your ribs 

Can I tickle you a bit ?

Gosh! there’s a hole in your cheeks whenever you laugh! it’s really pretty.

Is it a dimple?

Hello there 

Your knowing smile just breaks me down 

I love your braids 

And your fat cheeks 

They bring me so much joy 

Hello there

There’s something about your thick lips and droopy eyes 

It puts the twinkling stars to shame each night

Can I borrow them? 

Hello there 

Can I kiss your forehead for motivation each morning ?

Can I call you when am down ?

Would you sing for me even if your voice is bad?

Hello there 

you are perfectly created 


I admire your courage and zeal 

Your humility and confidence 

Your Godliness and your selflessness. 

Hello there 

I’ve you in my poems

I love your name 

I learnt it’s of a Queen who fought oppression 


Hello there 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made 

A perfect work of God’s creation 

Don’t ever force to fit in 

Never try to achieve that superficial image portrayed in media.

Hello there 

Just be you ,Blossom in your uniqueness 

Down the media perceptions 

Distort the unrealistic images in your head 

You are beautiful the way you are !

Hello stranger 

You are unique just like everyone 

Appreciate the similarities,

Accept the differences .

Photo kind courtesy of ola afolayan 

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Instragram : ola_zikk 

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